The gains and pains of sex-enhancing drugs

We have  heard of so many cases where men who use sex enhancing drugs like the popular locally Hausa made herb, Burantashi and other related drugs which when used they couldn’t stoImagep and in the process, injure and unintentionally suffocate their partner who gives up when exhausted.

Recently, a man was arrested by the police for allegedly making love to a dead lady  even when Mustapha knew his partner was dead, he kept on having sex with her.
During questioning, Mustapha allegedly told the police officers that he had earlier taken a sex enhancing drug before inviting the victim to his hotel room. He said he used a local Hausa herb, called “burantashe” to enhance his sexual performance before he had sex with the lady.”The corpse had foam coming out of her mouth, and despite that, he kept having sex with her because the drug made him to have a delayed ejaculation. So to satisfy himself, he did not stop even when he discovered she was dead, so as to relief himself.
Mustapha is not the only victim of the sweet but wicked sexual enhancing herb, so many men have fallen victim, some men who have used it have recorded success while others have regretted.
Below are some of the advantages and dangers of using such sexual-enhancing herbs and drugs.
Size Gains: You may not add several inches to your size with these drugs, but you may gain some girth because of the way they increase the blood flow  in your erections. Unless you already have a massive member, you can likely see positive benefits from this size increase when everything is finished
Performance Gains: You should be able to perform better sexually with the aid of these pills because they will improve the strength  and longevity of your erections. In other words, you can stay harder, longer, and thus be more likely to bring a woman to orgasm.
If a person having any cardiac problem takes burantashe to increase his libido excessively, he may end up having severe cardiac problem. And if taken on regular basis, the culminating effects can actually cause cardiac arrest or damage the kidney, which is the organ of excretion. So, one has to be careful while taking such a sexual stimulant. You must ensure your kidney and heart are in good condition.
Numerous performance- enhancing drugs are linked with sexual problems. The  abuse may lead to shrunken testicles, infertility and breast enlargement in men. Women may experience an enlarged clitoris, menstrual irregularities and shrunken breasts. Men and women may experience reduced libido, or sex drive as a result of taking such drugs. Pubescent boys may develop enlarged or painful penis size and excessive erections
Once you are addicted to it, you cannot perform without it.
Most local herbs do not have the right prescription, most times people underestimate the drug and they tend to take excess of the herb, but unfortunately, once they pop, they won’t stop which makes the organ stand longer than necessary and the partner suffers due to long duration of sex.
it can be linked to some of the heart diseases like stroke and cardiovascular attacks. It can also lead to blurred vision, constant headache and sometimes sensitivity to light. Some unfortunate side effects include headache, nausea, upset stomach, flushing, dizziness and nasal blockage. It is not recommended that you drink alcohol while using these male enhancement drugs as it could interfere with the desired result

2 responses to “The gains and pains of sex-enhancing drugs

  1. All these sex enhancements drugs comes with side effects and if once you addicted to it you can not perform without it , it’s like that if you smoke daily you can not live without smoking .
    That’s why if you want to use sex enhancements then use only natural enhancements such that Bullet Ayurvedic which have no side effects and no issue of addiction with 100% positive results .

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