I had séx with my brother-in-law by mistake. In the dark I thought he was my husband.
I’m 29, my husband’s 31. His parents held a family party for his niece’s 18th birthday last weekend.
Everyone was there, including my husband’s brother who was home from working away in Saudi. He’s 36.
We all get on well and there was plenty of alcohol and food. It was a nice party and we carried on drinking and dancing into the small hours.

My husband went up to bed before me and said he’d be waiting for me. I followed him up 20 minutes later. I got into bed feeling frisky and we ended up having séx.
I woke up a couple of hours later and sat up to get a drink of water. I pulled back the curtain to let some light in through the window from the street lamp right outside the bedroom.

I looked round and got the shock of my life when I realised I was in bed with the wrong man. The man beside me was my husband’s brother. I’d gone into the wrong bedroom and I guess my brother-in-law thought it was his lucky day. We had all had a lot to drink.
I ran to the right bedroom and crawled into bed with my husband who was fast asleep. Then I realised I’d left my underwear in the other room, so I sneaked back.

My brother-in-law was stirring so I hissed that we must keep quiet about what had happened. He just said, “Whatever.”
He’s flown back to Saudi now but I don’t know whether to admit everything to my husband. If this comes out I’ll lose a man I love more than anything and cause family ructions.

Lady Gbeborun

5 responses to “True Confession: “I SLEPT WITH MY BROTHER-IN-LAW BY MISTAKE”

  1. my name is Sandra am from nigeria my best song is one plus one is one the person who sing it is wizboy my best food is rice and my best frend is james
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  2. hmm. this is complicated. the first thing is that go for pregnancy test. if you’re free, then the issue is half solved. you have to tell your husband though is not easy and if you can’t talk to your in law to keep it as secret. you did it out of drunkeness. Besides, your in-law is wicked and not man enough. he should stopt the action. don’t worry dear. you’ll be fine. Ralph is my name. here’s my number if you need more advice. 07033543846.

  3. Rev 13:1
    “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw
    a beast
    rise up
    out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns,
    and upon his horns ten crowns,
    and upon his heads
    the name of blasphemy.”
    In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth
    I command every evil beast raised up by Satan against you&your family, etc
    to perish quickly.
    May that beast never rise up at all.
    May all it’s evil heads be broken in pieces before you by God’s power,
    May it not gain dominion over your life.
    May it’s witchcraft and sorcery power fail in your life.
    May it’s power, authority and dominion not be established in your life, family, community and country, etc.
    May every evil utterance against you and your family not come to pass.
    May you be free from its false allegations, curses and blasphemies.
    May God Himself war against that evil
    known/unknown beast, person/spirits of Satan
    beginning from now
    in Jesus holy name.
    Repent or perish and regret in hell

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