CONFESSION: I Don’t Like Sex Anymore


I am a successful IT engineer in my early 30s. Everything is going well for me except for one thing, my sex life or lack thereof. I had sex once in my 20’s and have not repeated it since. I find that I have absolutely no desire for sex and it has nothing to do with any religious inclination. I don’t even go to church. I’ve had several opportunities to sleep with several women but each time I turn it down and it’s not because I am gay. The thought of touching another man is repulsive to me. The few friends I have think there’s something wrong with me and asked me to see a doctor. I’m not impotent because I get turned on by sexual things and I do not masturbate either. I just don’t have the desire to lay on top of a woman. Is there something wrong with me? How do I deal with this?

5 responses to “CONFESSION: I Don’t Like Sex Anymore

  1. U need some check up. See ya doctor, see a psychologist + seek counseling. There z sumfin ure not telling us.

  2. Which abnormal man go c naked woman $ e body or carrot no go ginger…abeg go seek doctors councel

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