Boyfriend Snatching In Nollywood: Anita Joseph VS Oyinye Obodoechima

Boyfriend and husband snatching has recently become one of the most popular sports in Nollywood today, the latest match is between star actress. Anita Joseph and upcoming act Odinaka

22 years old Anambra born Odinaka Onigwe was the lucky guy who had two actresses fighting over him. Odinaka was intoduced to movie producer, Joseph Okafor so that Odinaka could earn a living for himself, Oyinye and Odinaka met on one of the producer’s set and though he frowned at their dating,it didn’t stop them and they turned a blind eye to his warnings and Joseph threw both of them out of his movie because of their relationship.

Joseph felt the need of telling someone maybe to handle the situation, he complained to Anita Joseph concerning Odinaka and Oyinye. Anita took the matter into her hands and decided to have Odinaka all to herself. Odinaka and Anita started dating behind Oyinye’s back, Anita lodges Odinaka in hotels close to her filming locations and even house

The same producer caught Odinaka and Anita pants down in a room he paid for Anita Joseph and her actress friend. Joseph exploded and in fear of what might happen Odinaka called his cousin and they called the cult boys. Fortunately for the producer he came prepared with some mopols. The cult guys and the Mopols had a bloody fight and even the hotel receptionist was badly beaten and had to be rushed to the hospital…The fight ended very bloody.

Joseph reported to Oyinye what had happened and Oyinye also showed her power by hiring some of her friends to ambush Anita at new haven in Enugu and the fight was bloody.

That’s not the end, everything that happened didn’t stop Anita’s love for the 22 years old Odinaka. We gathered that she recently celebrated Odinaka’s  birthday in Enugu  at Davis suite in New haven. The party was big and had all of his friends there,however Odinaka was so badly stoned he had to be rushed to the Hospital because he lost control of himself.

Here is what Oyinye said when confirming the story:

”Yes Anita snatched my boyfriend but i dash am,I no want again,she can have him.I was married but I am a widow with three kids.I didn’t fight with Anita though because its not necessary to do so.I am done with him though,she can have my left over.

why such a young boy and her response is?

”He is 22yrs old,I agree he is young  but we started dating when I tried to assist him because he needed help,one thing led to another and we began dating .he smokes weed and has a bad attitude and i was trying to set him on the right path but he felt I was too controlling and probably Anita is his kind of woman.Relationship is not about age,Odinaka is 22yrs but he does things older than his age,age is just a number.As for Anita,we are not in the same class so why should I drag a man with her,shes below me.I have three kids and I am more beautiful than her;I have everything she doesn’t have so why should I waste my precious time fighting her?for what?The boy is greedy and I wont fight because of a greedy boy who doesn’t know what he wants,hes with Anita now but hes been trying to get back with me ,hes a gold digger so Anita can have him since she wants him so badly.I am done with them both”

When Anita was contacted to get her side of the story and she said plainly”I don’t know what you are talking about,i didn’t snatch anybody’s boyfriend.I don’t have anything to do with him, he is just my friend”

Producer Joseph Okafor confirmed the story saying ”Yes it happened and I don’t want something like this happening on my set again because it brings bad luck”

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