Yoruba Actress, Mercy Aigbe Buys Over N6M Hermes Birkins Handbags

Business must really be booming for Yoruba movie actress Mercy Aigbe. She may have had some negative press recently when it was alleged she engaged in an extramarital affair, prompting her husband to allegedly beat her up, which her and her husband later vehemently denied in a very awkward to watch youtube video (Watch Here if you missed the video)
But she isn’t letting any of that affect her, cos she is now more popular than ever, and has been regularly posting pictures of herself and her fashion on instagram. It was while being an amebo on her instagram I noticed Mercy rocking not one but THREE Hermes Birkins. Bigz Girlz Things!

The famous Birkin is a firm favourite among celebrities like Victoria Beckham (who owns a 100 all worth £1.5 Million), Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and our very own Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, who has been spotted a few times with her black Birkin.

The cost of the Birkin bag Mercy is rocking starts from $14, ooo (that’s 2.1 Million Naira per bag), depending on the leather used, colour, hardware and size. Mercy has 3 Birkins which makes a total of $42,000 spent on her bags, that’s roughly 6.2 Million Naira, if they are real. If they are knock offs that’s a story for another day.

Apart from the fact the cost of the bag can be used as deposit on a mortgage for a very nice house, even with all your cash there is an 18 month waiting list for the luxury bag, yep even Kim K waits for her Birkin.


4 responses to “Yoruba Actress, Mercy Aigbe Buys Over N6M Hermes Birkins Handbags

  1. u guyz should stop fooling yourself by saying she bought bags worth 6milliion naira.

    make she dey decieve herself.

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