Shop Sells Ice Cream made from human breast milk

A London widely patronised restaurant,Convent Garden is reported to be selling ice cream made of human bosom milk.The icecream so called Baby Gaga is sold €14 per scoop with a cocktail glass.
The donor,Victoria Hiley who is 35 years old donates 30 fluid ounces of her bosom milk for the manufacture of Baby Gaga which can serve fifty people at a stand. The company makes it known that they are looking for more donors at a price of €15 for every ten ounces supplied using bosom pump machine. The recipé of the ice-cream blends with Madagascan vanilla nuts and lemon zest which is then churned into the sweetened Baby Gaga Icecream.

The ice-cream is then served with liquid Nitrogen through a syringe. The icem-cream can also go with whisky or other cocktail on request. Victoria,the mother of one said”When I first saw the advert on forum offering to pay women for the donation of their bosom milk,I couldn’t help laughing and people made pessimistic comments about the geniuness of the advert.”
13 more women have volunteered to be supplying their bosom milk too.

2 responses to “Shop Sells Ice Cream made from human breast milk

  1. Wow,you mean breast milk,is now part of the ingredients to make ice cream.wonders can never end.

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