10 magical things that happen to a woman during sex

Your body does some amazing things from the point where you get “turned on” by your partner until you are in the after-glow phase of having sex. You may not be aware that any of this is happening to you during the act, but the body has ways of making sex better for you.

1. Many things are sexy to you. Women are able to find the sexy in more things than men. The tiniest things can turn women on. If it is sexually stimulating, you will be ready to go in no time.

2. Your body doesn’t care so much about smells during sex. When you are turned on you are less likely to find things gross or smelly.

3. Your brain lets you know about every touch. Your sense of touch is heightened which can turn you on even more.

4. Your body makes the right things bigger during intercourse. Your vagina expands when you are aroused to accommodate for intercourse. It starts at about 3 inches long and extends to 5 inches, so if you think about it, size on a man really doesn’t matter all that much!

5. You feel less pain because you have endorphins running through you. Biting or scratching that may be extremely painful under normal circumstances may seem like a light touch when you are aroused.

6. A gift for every guy, your body makes your breasts swell when you are aroused. The nipples will get pointy and darker and sometimes the breasts will swell in size.

7. Your facial and body temperature rises while having sex so it’s no wonder that you may turn a shade of red. Some called this a “sex flush”.

8. The amygdala in the brain shuts down so that you don’t think about anything while doing the deed.

9. When you finally hit the big “O”, you may notice that your other muscles are spasming as well. Researchers are still studying why some women have these and why some don’t and how they work.

10. Your bladder takes a backseat. When you achieve orgasm an anti-diuretic hormone is released. This is why you might not be able to pee after sex, but don’t wait too long.

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