AngryHarlots: Prostitutes Strip Jehovah’s Witnesses unclad&Set Them ablaze, Delta

In a reminiscent event, prostitutes operating at a popular Ezenei-Cable point in Asaba Delta State humiliated four gospel Jehovah Witness preachers during their routine activity leaving two of them unclad while their bags containing Awake and watchtowers publications were allegedly set ablaze.

It would be recalled that few years ago some “Christian convertors” from a popular Pentecostal church after they were allegedly hoodwinked into love making with the harlots, had their Bibles set ablaze upon their refusal to pay for services rendered.

Eyewitness told LEADERSHIP FRIDAY that the incident occurred last Tuesday night when the preachers approached the brothel to be part of their gospel teachings.

But as unsuspecting regular visitors/preachers to various places, sources say they moved into the brothel and were greeted by some of the commercial sex workers who immediately assembled around them.

But this fateful day it was not to be for the Jehovah preachers who had gone to the brothel without the female among them and in their usual way introduced the topic in one of the “Awake” and while the biblical discourse lasted, the preachers were said to have been greeted in rude shock when one of the sex workers identified as Chinasa raced out of her room in “Hot Pants” that merely covered her nudity.

The preacher LEADERSHIP  FRIDAY reliably gathered, resisted the attempt on him but the hooker’s method gained prominence and was dragged into the room.

Expectedly, the preacher and the prostitute were said to have been engaged in serious battle right inside the room when his colleagues made attempt to rescue him but the situation became worse as the harlots were allegedly said to have teamed up and seized their bags containing “Watchtower and Awake”.

They were said to have beaten them calling them unprintable names.

~ Leadership News

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