Husband Beats His Wife To Death Over N500 In Lagos; Locks Her Corpse

This is a pathetic and yet dreaded situation. Even policemen are afraid:
“This is not the fight time he is doing this. The first time they lost their daughter, he locked her [corpse] up in the room preventing everyone, including his wife from coming inside. 
“Till date no one can tell what he did with her corpse. As you can see, everyone is afraid of him in this area.”
That was the much a female resident in the area, identified as Nwankego, could say due fear for her safety.

Oronna Street in Abule-Egba area of Lagos was on Monday thrown into confusion after a 60-year-old man who allegedly killed his wife over his missing N500, locked himself up inside their home with the corpse.

Reports said fight broke out after the man identified as Gbadebo Elegbede, accused his 17-year-old son of stealing his N500 at about 7am. His wife, Maria, was said to have defended his son, her action reportedly led to a verbal confrontation with her husband,which degenerated into a scuffle.

In the process, Gbadebo was said to have hit his wife with a hard object on the face, causing her to slump.

His son, Johnson, was said to have attempted to lift his mother from the floor only to discover that she was motionless and bleeding from the mouth and nose.

Johnson reportedly ran out to alert neighbours to come to his mother’s help, but they met the door of the apartment locked. Gbadebo is in and threatening that he would kill anyone who force the door open.

Eye witnesses said some of the deceased’s relatives who rushed to the scene were also prevented from seeing Maria’s corpse as the door was still locked and they are afraid for their life.

Surprisingly, according to vanguard, policemen at nearby divisions who were contacted said they had not been informed about the incident. As at 4pm on Monday, Gbadebo was still inside the room with Maria’s corpse and no one could go close.

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