Wonderful! : Baby born with teeth

A beautiful baby girl is all smiles after being born with a pair of front teeth.

Newborn Imogen Elliot, from South Wales, was born with a pair of pearly whites in her lower jaw – to the amazement of her mother, Stacey Lewis, 24.
The two-week-old left midwives at the Royal Gwent Hospital, in Newport, baffled as they noticed the pair of natal teeth, usually baby teeth which have come through early.
Natal teeth – which happen in just one in every 2,000 babies – are teeth that are present when the baby is born and are usually baby teeth which have come through early.

The teeth are sometimes loose because the root is not completely developed, and have to be removed, but little Imogen’s teeth were given the all-clear.
Mother Stacey Lewis said: ‘As soon as Imogen was born, the midwives put her on my chest and I spotted them straight away.
‘They’re pretty noticeable- and I certainly wasn’t expecting my baby to be born with teeth! I don’t think the midwives knew what to say – they had never seen anything like it before.’
Midwives would not let the new family leave the hospital until they had spoken to a specialist pediatrician. When they confirmed the teeth were secure they were told they could go home.
Father Scott Elliott, 27, said: ‘We were worried the teeth might be loose, but she was checked out by a specialist who said she was fine.’
Ms Lewis added: ‘All these different midwives kept popping in and asking to see ‘the baby with the teeth’, it was funny.
‘Our family were really shocked – they had never even heard of it before. That’s when we realised how rare it is.
‘We’ll be booking her in for her first dental appointment soon, just to make sure they are growing properly.’
From: Dailymail

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