Rape in police cell: Victim sues NPF N750m, Inspector demoted, guard dismissed

A house-wife, Mrs. Esse Isaiah Ozegbe has sued the Nigerian Police for what she has termed extreme abuse.

Esse was arrested on February 26 this year, following a quarrel with her neighbour and was allegedly detained among some men at Abraka police station. Esse who was detained with two men was reportedly raped by the same men even when the police were on duty. The abused lady has filed a suit against the Nigeria Police, demanding for a compensation of N750 million over the said abuse.

The victim through her counsel, Barr. Efe Ejomafuvwe, instituted the suit at the Federal High Court in Warri, Delta State.

Hearing in the case had been fixed for June 13, 2013.

The two men, who allegedly raped Mrs. Ozegbe, are currently standing trial at a Magistrate Court in Abraka.

Meanwhile, the Abraka police station cell guard has been dismissed from the police force as a result of the fall-out of the rapecarried out by the two men inside the station’s cell. Besides, a police inspector, Mrs. Erebi Akporunor has been demoted to the rank of sergeant.

One response to “Rape in police cell: Victim sues NPF N750m, Inspector demoted, guard dismissed

  1. Imagine dis fUnny story..hW on earth wuld a mere quarrel result 2 detention in a cell..40% NPF personnel r inexperienced 2b A security agent. I wonder y a cell wuld b made 4 opposite sex..@least a case has bn filed 4 compensation

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