I’m so addicted to sex that i can sleep with more than ten men in a day- 16yrs

I’m 16 and i lost both parents at the age of five, so i’m the only surviving child. I stayed with a distance uncle after my parents death and from the age of 10 he started raping me till i was fifteen. Early this year i ran out and got involve in prostitution, Now i’m so addicted to sex that i can sleep with more than ten men in a day. Each time i’m not having sex i feel like killing myself. I wanna change but i don’t know how, pls help!

6 responses to “I’m so addicted to sex that i can sleep with more than ten men in a day- 16yrs

  1. OMG!!! I’m so sorry bout thta dearie. But one question is how close are you to God? I believe the closer you are to God , the closer you get a solution to whats wrong , i pray God helps you

  2. A̶̲̥̅̊♍ also 16 but. ℓ̊ have sex at intervals but A̶̲̥̅̊♍ not too addicted……maybe u can talk Ƭõ̸̳͡ ♍ƺ how ℓ̊ do it…..08135117351….2a16b7b6

  3. My dear sorry for the lost and for the early exposure. The only way you have to exit from this life style is by knowing who Jesus Christ really is and not just going to church. Going to church is religious but having a personal relationship with your creator(The Potter) he will break you and remould you again. These are some few scriptures to help you(John 3:14-17, Romans 3:23-24, 1 John 1:7-10, Jeremiah 18:1-9). My dear you can come out of it with the support of devoting yourself in prayers and studying the word of God with all seriousness. Get back at me when you have being renewed by these scripture so I can tell you the next step. God bless you and help you out. You can get me through MEYOUNCE ask her of (D Editor)

  4. sorry dear you should stop listening to the voice of sex abuse the only way is to help your self and God will help you too don’t worry call me… 08109885722 pastor Onyekachi by name

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