Shocking Life Testimony By A Nigerian Police Officer.


I and one of my colleagues were
traveling to Enugu State to pay
a condolence visit to one of us who lost his mother.

On the way, I discovered that I was
pressed and needed to easy myself
of which with the help of other passengers
the driver was able to stop at a close by
bush where I entered to easy myself.

In the bush, I saw a very big snake came
down from a tree and later turn into a female lady.
I was chucked but could not make a move
out of fear. The lady (snake) stretched out her
hands and was immediately clothed after
which she walked out towards the main road.

I waited for some minutes to make sure that
she must have gone far before I rushed out to
meet with other disturbed passengers who
have waited quite long for me.

When I came to the bus and asked if they had
seen any such lady that came out of the bush,
they affirmed that she came out and stood
along the express road where a man on jeep
came and gave her a lift.

At that point, I narrated what I saw to them
and they were all filled with fear. It was at this
point that I realized that not all human are human.
But the question that I keep asking myself is
whether to blame the man who has given lift to a
supposed stranded lady …….?

May God Help Us OOO!
To as many people that shall read this
message and share,to them I pray that
may we never experience such.
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